CASE STUDY: LMS System Implementation Support

AIA 600x314 (2)The case studies outlined in the “Athena In Action” series are being shared as examples of the variety of solutions we have provided to our clients for over a decade.

TOPIC: LMS System Implementation Support


ASSESSMENT/SITUATION: During a regular follow-up call with this client, I asked her what was new.  She said they were looking at implementing a new LMS system.  They were in the very early stages, and she was committed to move forward within that fiscal year.  She said she wanted to be sure they chose the right system and needed to find support for the implementation.

ATHENA PARTNER MATCHING:  I shared with her that one of the Athena Alliance partners had extensive experience with both the selection process and the implementation of LMS systems.  She said she was surprised because she had thought of me for her training and coaching needs, more of the “soft skills,” so to speak.  I suggested she speak with my partner to confirm if she would be able to support them with this important project.

SOLUTION:  My client and partner had a long discussion about how she could support them.  They put my partner on the payroll in a part-time consulting position and proceeded to select and implement their new LMS system.

RESULTS:  My client was thrilled with the speed and ease in which this project was completed.  During a recent call, she shared with me that bringing my partner into the company was one of the best decisions she could have made, and her boss complimented her on how efficient everything was implemented.  Everyone was very pleased at the success of this project, and we were happy that we could support my client.

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