Territory Management

Poor sales territory management leads to lost or missed opportunities.  The outcome is lower than expected and sales results. Salespeople are often pulled in many directions at the same time.  One of the biggest obstacles to their success is in knowing how to manage their territory (which accounts deserve the most attention) and their time (how to use their time effectively).

The goal of this fast-paced program is to enable your sales team to in set the right priorities and to act accordingly in order to maximize sales results and personal efficiency.

The topics that are covered in this program would include:

  • Managing your territory (assigning account priorities according to    opportunity and probability of success)
  • Sales goal setting strategies
  • Time management tools and techniques
  • Project management concepts
  • Targeting priority account strategies
  • Managing information (organizing paperwork, improving electronic communication, using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems.

Learning Objectives

Your sales people will learn how to:

  • Plan and organize the sales day
  • Develop strategies to target and penetrate prime prospect accounts
  • Use strategies to spend more time face to face with customers and maintain contact with key prospects accounts
  • Use highly effective time management tools to achieve a healthy balance between professional goals and personal time
  • Identify top priority goals and determine the activities required for achieving them
  • Increase sales by knowing which opportunities to pursue
  • Set goals and priorities to maximize your selling effectiveness
  • Minimize distractions that cause procrastination
  • Make more productive use of transit (travel) time
  • Leverage technology to maximize your efficiency
  • Increase visibility within a sales territory

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