What is tele-coaching?

Tele-coaching is a confidential, personalized and interactive process that supports sales teams to more consistently achieve sales goals. Athena Alliance coaches provide a structure where the coach uses a variety of tools to assist the team in setting and achieving their sales goals.  Coaching provides:

  • Focused interactive process that supports individuals and team to achieve sales goals
  • Guidance for sales teams to clarify their vision and goals and develop strategies to achieve those goals
  • A tailored system to meet the unique needs of each team

  • Coaching is a support system to help move individuals to create greater sales results – even when they have not been able to in the past
  • The coach provides feedback on any limiting language and/or beliefs


  • Provides team with feedback and helps identify any possible blind spots
  • Keeps a “Big Picture” focus
  • Allows for the continuous sharing of best practices
  • Very cost effective and is ongoing support
  • Opportunity to brainstorm difficult situations
  • Raises the level of accountability

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