Strategies for eCommerce Success

In-class format: 2 days

Also available in an eLearning format

 Why do some companies have such great success in the eCommerce world, while others do not?  Answer: The strong performers build successful plans, consult with customers and invest in the right technology and the right staff.

But what if you are doing this, and still haven’t achieved the results you want?  The eCommerce environment requires skills ranging from traditional business management, to marketing and sales savvy, to technology know-how.  This seminar will show you how to pinpoint the ideal intersection of these specific areas, in order to determine and realize your company’s short- and long-term objectives.  Learn the best ways to harness the potential of this massive paradigm shift.

 Learning outcomes:

  • Identify and evaluate the ways in which your organization can succeed at eCommerce
  • Develop and document strategies to integrate technology and business decisions
  • Define how to get and keep web customers, and how to incorporate their feedback into your eCommerce offerings
  • Describe techniques to use technology to maximize marketing effectiveness
  • Appraise your current online sales processes to troubleshoot obstacles, and identify service opportunities