Sales Intelligence

The Sales Intelligence Program is a unique approach for developing masterful sales professionals who love what they do and excel at doing it. In 3 levels the program delivers a robust consultative approach,  an advanced formula for leveraging natural selling strengths, followed by an elite mastery learning experience.

This one-of-a-kind program…

• incorporates Universal Laws that expand sales potential
• surfaces the passion and pride of being a sales professional
• transforms limiting beliefs into ‘can-do’ certainty
• teaches foundational selling skills, behaviour, and process to ensure     repeatable results
• unleashes the power of natural strengths that leads to authenticity   and sustainability
• creates the intimate setting and experience that top producers want to maintain momentum and expand their sphere of influence
• transfers-to-habit powerful behaviours reinforced through coaching

Time to Accelerate Sales Results?

Your salespeople are talented but need more to stay ahead of the game.
Performance is falling short of expectations. New hires need guidance and top producers seem restless. You have a lot on the line and need to accelerate results.

Apply Pressure ~ Problem Solved?

When the clock is ticking, it’s natural to think about one way out – apply pressure and lots of it. Results bounce back. Problem solved. Think twice. Is the pressure effective? Are the results sustainable? Have people learned how to be better sales performers for the long term?

Turn Things Around with Power ~ Not Force

Creating an atmosphere of clear accountability for results is vital. And, it’s critical to develop the capability of your team. Ignite their passion. Build their strengths. Inspire them to achieve instead of pushing them to make their numbers.

Sales Intelligence is Power

Create outstanding sales results with simplicity, finesse and ease. Find the path of least resistance – turn on the switch to internal motivation. You’re clear about what needs to happen. With Sales Intelligence, your people know how to do it with authenticity, passion and power.

What is Sales Intelligence?

Let’s face it – we have a glut of ‘Intelligence Sciences’ that tell us how to succeed in business and in life.

• Cognitive Intelligence: being able to reason, solve problems,
learn and understand new information
• Emotional Intelligence: being aware of the motives and feelings of
other people and oneself
• Social Intelligence: knowing what is appropriate in different social
situations; creating authenticity
• Instinctive Intelligence: using our natural instincts to accomplish more with less energy and effort

Complex stuff when all you want is your sales team to produce. We make it simple. Sales Intelligence is the meeting of these sciences with practical, actionable tools every salesperson needs to generate outstanding results.

Why This? Why Now?

You want optimal results – now, yet research illustrates that most salespeople haven’t nailed down the basics.

On 5 critical selling success factors of the salespeople surveyed, only…

• 18% synchronize sales decisions and actions with the customer’s buying process
• 1% set clear and measurable sales call objectives
• 14% use a solid inquiry strategy
• 5% employ active listening skills, and
• 38% seek commitment throughout the sales process.

If sales training is a multi-billion dollar industry, then why do these statistics prevail?

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