Personal Leadership Effectiveness I

….establish your brand

All successful brands have something in common, whether we are speaking of products, people or organizations. They all have a clear, well defined identity; and everything they say and do consistently aligns with that identity. It is how they stand out and how others come to know and trust them.

Personal Leadership Effectiveness I is a full day program structured to provide participants with the opportunity to define an authentic personal brand that creates visibility for who they are. They also will craft a brand promise to reflect their core values and expertise along with learning how to visually represent their brand on a daily basis.

Personal Leadership Effectiveness II

…live your brand

As the old adage says: “easy to say, hard to do”. To get results you must act, not always easy! Leaders often have to behave differently and stretch outside their comfort zone.

Personal Leadership Effectiveness II is structured as a full day program to help participants put their personal brands into action. This allows them to get comfortable with living by the standards they define for their brand. They learn how to overcome the hurdles and sidestep the pitfalls that stop leaders from confidently behaving in a way that is consistent with who they are. In this way, they can establish credibility for themselves and achieve powerful results.

Personal Leadership Effectiveness III

….network your brand

Forming relationships and making connections is an essential part of our daily lives. Establishing these relationships is how we build our network. Our network is how we get things done.

Personal Leadership Effectiveness III is a program designed to get participants to think more strategically about building an effective network and how to position their personal brands. Providing an opportunity to expand and grow your net-worth, build credibility as a leader and stretch yourself in establishing more meaningful relationships that creates greater success.

Executive Presence

“Competence alone does not lead to professional success.”
D.A. Benton

Impressions count! Studies support the fact that we all make assumptions and judgments of people based on nothing but our impressions of them. The results are consistent – those people who deliver strong, positive, confident impressions are more successful and receive more opportunities.

Executive Presence provides participants with the key strategies to enhance self awareness, increase personal effectiveness, and influence the impact of their first impressions. Research has shown that more than half of what individuals communicate is through non-verbal language therefore every participant can benefit by aligning their verbal and non-verbal message to strengthen their impression and create the perception they intend.

Visual Presence

……that delivers results

Studies support the fact that over 50% of what you communicate is based on how you look, your visual presence. Clothing and grooming are 90% of the visual image you create. Clothes are a powerful non-verbal communication tool that plays a critical role in establishing your personal brand. What is your clothing saying about you, your leadership brand?
Visual Presence provides participants with the details of creating the visual impact that aligns with where they want to go. It shows how to use clothing that will get them noticed and support their leadership position.

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