Effective Negotiation Skills

We all negotiate everyday, so our need for effective negotiation skills is crucial.  In our view, whenever you are trying to influence or persuade someone about something, you are, in essence, negotiating.  The following are examples of recurring negotiations:

  • overcoming objections from a potential or current client
  • deciding whom to include in a project team
  • agreeing on the terms and conditions of a contract
  • managing differences of opinion among your staff
  • deciding where to go for a family dinner

How well we manage these interactions impacts the effectiveness of the outcome and the quality of our relationships with all of these groups.

The ideas we use are built upon the groundbreaking work of the Harvard Negotiation Project, as published in the best-selling book “Getting to Yes:  Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In” (Fisher, Ury, and Patton.  New York:  Penguin, 1981, 1991), and enhanced through many years of work with leading international corporations.

We address many of the key challenges in effective negotiation and relationship management, and offer a simple yet powerful framework for preparing for, conducting and evaluating all of your negotiations.  You will also learn how to communicate and advocate for your interests, while building strong working relationships, and how to effectively deal with difficult negotiators.

After conducting a needs assessment, we may recommend an Effective Negotiation Skills workshop, individualized coaching, or a consulting engagement to assist you with an upcoming negotiation

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