Legendary Customer Service

What does Customer Service mean to your organization?

Service can be the critical differentiating factor in the minds of decision makers. Our Athena Alliance Partners understand the need for individuals and organizations to continually exceed past performance in employee, customer and stakeholder value.

Everyone in your organization needs to understand the Experience a strong service culture creates for your customer – Each & Every Time.  This is what builds loyal customer relationships and a better environment for employees. Satisfied customers will become your advocates and will remain fiercely loyal.

A true service culture also includes providing excellence in customer service for internal customers as well. It is no accident that organizations such as Disney who live the customer excellence culture is also an exceptional place to work.

We work with your team to provide solutions that advance organizational and personal performance. Our programs are customized, interactive and provide real and relevant tools that create new learning or seamlessly integrate with and enhance existing processes.

Participants leave our workshops excited to return to their workplace with a “toolbox” full of tools, skills and confidence to WOW your customers. A few of these include:

  • Exceed Customer Expectations (both internal & external)
  • Communication excellence (questioning/listening)
  • Recovery when things go wrong (managing complaints)
  • Attention to detail (from initial encounter to completion)
  • Excellent service – Each & Every time
  • Understanding the lifetime value of a customer
  • Telephone/Face-to-Face interactions (moments of truth)
  • Dealing with stress (causes/effects/relief techniques)
  • Understanding customer types
  • Value added service
  • Proactive problem solving
  • Customer service teams – dynamics and diversity
  • What to do when you can’t say yes
  • Much much more …

Call today and we will introduce you to the Alliance Partner that can provide your employees with the tools and techniques to provide  your customers with Legendary Customer Service – Each & Every Time.

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