The leaders of the organization set the tone of a business, they set the bar for performance. The best leaders inspire and sustain commitment of others to give their best.

We recognize that no two companies are exactly alike, while they share in day to day challenges unique to their businesses, each organization we work with requires a customized solution.

  • We focus on helping leaders grow results and performance for sustained success.
  • We connect your business today with the future you want.
  • We commit to help our clients pull together and simplify their business.
  • We focus on the fewest things for the most impact.

Whether you are looking for training for first time supervisors, middle management or senior executives, Athena Alliance has a training partner to best match your needs. Clearly, effective leadership is one of the most critical aspects of any business, at multiple levels throughout the organization.

At Athena Alliance we offer value based, solution focused leadership development and implementation assistance to the very specific, strategic needs of your organization. Walking the talk is not always easy. Our training and consulting professionals have the experience and expertise to show you, through our customized process, how to take your leadership to the next level.

We offer value added business solutions in the following core areas:

  • dynamic leadership skills
  • organizational effectiveness
  • strategic process and planning
  • the manager as a coach
  • people development
  • employee and labour relations
  • presentation skills for leaders
  • change management
  • management and supervisory skills essentials
  • leadership through building strong teams
  • problem solving
  • delegation
  • communication skills
  • many more …

Let the Athena Alliance “Perfect Fit” partner(s) design a dynamic solution that will support your organization’s culture and strategic direction for the future.

The people who have asked us to work with them have shared one common trait – a desire to see immediate and dramatic results. So we set the bar high. We want our clients to have very demanding and specific expectations of us. We in turn want to work with people who have high expectations of themselves and their organizations. Most important: We want our clients to expect and achieve immediate, measurable success – high impact – both in their businesses and in realizing their own personal potential within the business context.

Our programs provide practical and effective tools, skills and techniques to support your leaders to become all they can be. Leadership programs, like all our programs, follow adult learning principles and take into account all four learning styles.

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