“DRAMATIC increases in Sales, up to 10x ROI, 95% retention of new sales skills”

With today’s economic challenges, it is absolutely critical that your sales force be as high performing as possible in order to stay profitable in an ever increasing competitive world.

Please consider the following questions:

  • What is your greatest Sales Challenge?
  • How prepared and skilled are your sales people in dealing in tougher markets?
  • Are their Account Penetration, Presentation, Influencing and Negotiating Selling skills strong enough?
  • When they are up against a competitor, who usually wins?

Research proves the best trained sales person wins 30% more of the business they present.

Today it is a requirement for business survival and profitable growth to ensure your sales force is as high performing as possible.

This is our role; to enable Sales people to develop new sales skills, effectively apply those skills by turning them into high performance habits, resulting in increased sales and long-term retention.

One of our clients; a major Security Systems company; “After only 10 weeks of using the System, we have sold an additional $ 100,000 that we would not have otherwise have been able to sell. The Sales principles of Influencing, Changing other’s perspectives and Negotiation have been key to this success. Thank You!”     National Sales Training Manager.

We have spent over  7 years and several million researching, identifying and developing best practices in sales so we could guarantee sales representatives on our system – would be the best trained in the world.

This is more than sales training. Our Alliance Partner’s program was designed to anchor into long term memory for immediate execution and long term retention, the 30 most important field tested and proven Sales Principles that determine Sales Success.

These Principles cover the 6 core skill areas of:

Change technology
Business acumen

What Sales Results do you need and want to accomplish in the coming year?

We guarantee “perfect practice” of proven Sales Principles so sales reps will gain new knowledge, develop new Sales Skills and consistently apply them to increase Sales!

This revolutionary Sales Mastery System works all the time, every time – no exceptions!

This blended learning System integrates Interactive game-based on-line Sales Training with Customized Classroom sessions and hands-on Coaching support.

You need to be able to trust and know that your valuable investment of time, dollars and people resources will result in a high ROI outcome of increased Sales.

The Result; a proven strategic, affordable, measurable and sustainable principles-based method to increase sales behaviour, performance and revenues.

Our proprietary interactive gaming technology uses knowledge gained from decades of neuroscience research that enables maximum learning and retention. Maximum behaviour change is enable through applying the 3 fundamental principles of Consistency, Frequency and Mastery.

The frequency and consistency of this training ‘hardwires’ sales reps to overcome the daily sales challenges and rapidly develops high competence and high confidence in selling at greater levels.

The System maximizes “perfect practice”, retention, application, measurement and learning that is enjoyable. One of the corner stones is measurability.  We believe measurement is key, not only because what gets measured gets done but because what gets measured gets improved.

By working with us, you will attract better talent, keep your top talent longer and drive stronger sales results. And best of all, for as little as $100 a month per person, this program is sustainable and affordable and has already been readily accepted by many other Executive decision makers like you.

If this outcome is of interest to you, then it will be worth an hour of our time to get together either face to face or on the phone.  A one hour dialogue would enable us to understand what you would like to accomplish and explain how our Sales Training, Performance Coaching and Business Mentoring programs work; providing you with a strong ROI.

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