Improve Your Memory


Being on top of your game requires easy access to important facts, figures and information in many situations.  Over-reliance on technology can lead to your memory skills being under-utilized.   Would it be useful for you to improve your memory of names, numbers and essential information?   This course provides delegates with an understanding of the natural processes of the brain and tools to help retain information.  Delegates will learn how to continue to develop their ability to learn and memorize.

Benefits of participation

Improving your memory will help you to make a good impression by remembering important tasks, names and facts in business meetings, presentations and social situations.  You can become more effective by remembering things to do or say at the right moment.   Leaders, managers, sales people and busy executives can all benefit from enhancing their memory skills.

Course outcomes

  • Learn why it’s so easy to remember some things and not others . Understand how your memory works.
  • Discover easy and fun tools to improve your memory
  • Apply memory techniques to real work situations
  • Find out how Mind Mapping can help information stick in your brain
  • Continue to expand and improve your memory following the course

Who should attend

This course is useful for all levels of an organization and can be run as an open-enrolment program.

Course duration

This course can be delivered as a one-hour taster session through to a 1-day course.  One-to-one coaching is also available.

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