82% of upset members will deal with your company again… if their issue is resolved quickly. Designed specifically for dealing with upset callers, this workshop will help you soothe irate customers and build long lasting client relationships.

In this workshop, participants will learn:
• Seven key challenges with emotionally charged clients and how to handle them.
• The five emotional stages of an upset client.
• Three levels of customer service interaction. Miss even one of these and your client will remain upset.
• Five rapport-building techniques to calm upset callers
• Best practices to deal with a caller’s abusive behaviour, so Agents can identify when to escalate a call to the appropriate authorities.
• How to “frame” questions, so clients cooperate in resolving their issues.
• Active listening skills to make callers feel heard and understood.
• Secrets to negotiating a mutually beneficial client solution.
• How to tactfully re-direct clients to a more appropriate internal or external resource, if necessary.
• Ten ways to recharge & remain positive after an challenging call.

This workshop utilizes accelerated training techniques such as case studies, role-plays and simulations to help attendees learn more effectively. The suggested class size is 8-20 participants to allow maximum interaction. This workshop is available as either a half-day or full-day session. The full-day session provides more in-depth information, so your contact centre can boost its performance even further. At the end of the seminar, each participant will leave with an implementable action plan to defuse challenging situations and improve customer satisfaction.