Hospitality Sales and Service

Introduction to Hospitality Sales – 2-Day Program

This program takes the attendees through the sales process from finding opportunities to confirming the business.  A key focus will be on developing a sales plan, and planning and managing the sales cycle.  The program is designed for the tourism and hospitality industry and ideal for Sales Managers and Catering Sales personnel however can be customized to various industries.  Each program would be tailored specifically to the individual attendees. A three-day option also exists which includes additional role-playing and exercises to hone the skills even further.

Advanced Selling Skills for the Hospitality Industry – 2-Day Program

This program builds upon the skills presented in the introductory program with a greater focus on prospecting and new business development, handling difficult situations and moving the client through the sale’s process. This program is ideal for those that have been through the introductory program or have at least one year outside sales experience.

Pricing Confidence Workshop – Two Day Program

A condensed one-day version is also available though for greatest impact the two-day session is highly recommended.

This is a hands-on tactical program, which teaches Sales Professionals how to get top dollar from existing and new clients.  This program helps shift sellers from a reactive mode to a strategic, value driven approach.  Program topics include – Pricing Strategy and Positioning, Strategic Pricing versus traditional pricing models, Understanding and predicting buyer behaviour and reactions, Value versus price, The Impact of Rate – attitudes, fears, opportunities, Rate Objections – Client Perspective, Developing new markets and Negotiating price increases.

Reservations & front office Selling Skills – 1-Day Program

This program takes the attendees through the sales process based on in-bound calls or up selling at the front desk.  This program shifts the approach from an order-taking mode to a consultative sales approach.  The impact of the program is usually quite dramatic.  Attendees will have an opportunity to try on the new tools and implement them immediately.  A more extensive two-day program is also available.

Food & Beverage Selling Skills – 1-Day Program

The program focuses on increasing sales for a restaurant or a hotel’s Food & Beverage outlets and meeting facilities.  We will look at marketing to in-house guests; repeat guests as well as the local community.  We will explore creative ways to position and present your product offering.  Permission based direct marketing will be explored as an effective tool for qualifying opportunities and presenting your offer

Workshops – Range from 1 hour to half day programs

Beyond the Leisure Market – This workshop looks at various ways to diversify your customer base.

Extraordinary Customer Service – This workshop looks at providing service and care beyond the basics, handling difficult situations and building long lasting fans. Can be customized to various departments – has often delivered as a full one-day customized program which would incorporate the company’s operating standards.

Developing an e-Marketing Strategy for the Hospitality Industry – This program provides an overview of electronic marketing as it related to the hotel industry.

Really Connecting with the Customer –  This is a fun, interactive program that looks at behavioral styles and how they impact first and lasting impressions and the on-going relationship.

Ending on a High Note – This program looks at handling difficult situations with ease and providing exceptional customer services (even when tensions might be high).

Customized workshops

The Athena Alliance partner will customize a workshop, which addresses the opportunities and challenges facing your team.  We have worked with Sales Departments, Food & Beverage Departments, Reservations & Call Centres and Leadership teams.  The primary focus of the company is the tourism & hospitality industry however we have delivered programs to suppliers to these industries as well as related industries such as golf courses, casinos and retailers.

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