This workshop is for people who want to run learning sessions and interactive meetings within their team or organization. This workshop is useful for subject matter experts who want to build on their ability to create engaging meetings and training sessions.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Define session objectives
  • Make sessions fun, interactive and practical
  • Use adult learning theory to create a logical structure for their sessions
  • Create engagement during the sessions
  • Help the learning stick through application and action plans

Workshop Agenda

MODULE ONE: Session Design

  • Creating objectives for meeting and training sessions
  • Using the adult learning cycle to structure the activities
  • Making technical topics engaging

 MODULE TWO: Preparation

  • Planning logistics to support a successful session
  • Creating slides and handouts to support session objectives
  • Setting up the room for maximum participation and engagement

 MODULE THREE: Leading Sessions

  • Leading the session with confidence
  • Managing different participant types
  • Encouraging engagement from all participants

 MODULE FOUR: Application

  • Following through with application and action plans

At the end of the workshop, participants will walk out with templates, a structure and experience designing their own interactive session.



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