Emotional Intelligence


The mental ability we are born with which gives us our emotional sensitivity and our potential for emotional learning management skills, which can help us, maximize our long-term health, happiness and survival. — S.Hein, March 2004

Our emotions are very important in our lives and listed below are a few of the reasons:

Survival ~ Our emotions potentially serve us as an internal guidance system. Our emotions alert us when natural human need is not being met.

Decision Making ~ Our emotions help us make decisions and are a valuable source of information. Studies show that when a person’s emotional connections are severed in the brain, he cannot make even simple decisions.

Boundary Setting ~ Once we learn to trust our emotions, they will alert us when we feel uncomfortable. We can use this trust to set our boundaries to protect our physical and mental health.

Communication ~ It is our emotions that help us to communicate with each other. Facial expressions can communicate a wide range of emotions. Once we are skilled in communicating our needs, we have a better chance of having them understood. Also as effective listeners we are able to listen to others so they feel important, cared for and understood.

Unity ~ The greatest potential source of unity among people is our emotions. Emotions are universal and have nothing to do with religion, political and cultural beliefs. Emotions such as cooperation, empathy, compassion and forgiveness all have the potential to unite people.

Courses in Emotional Intelligence can:

  • Improve communication
  • Foster commitment
  • Build resilience
  • Improve trust
  • Improved team work
  • Develop core competencies

Course content could include the following (tailored to meet specific needs)

What is Emotional Intelligence(EQ)? Environment Scales
How does an EQ company operate? Looking at emotions
Why use EQ? Constructive Discontent
Overview of the EQ Map Personal outcomes of EQ
Emotional Awareness ~ Scale Competencies, Attitudes & Values


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