Developing Powerful Online/Mobile Marketing Campaigns

In-class format: 2 days

Also available in an eLearning format

Mobile marketing is a still a new technological frontier for many, becoming increasingly fast-paced with enhancements to the capabilities of mobile devices.  How can brand owners take advantage of this growing opportunity to reach more customers?  To what industry sectors is mobile marketing relevant?  How can mobile marketing be integrated to support your overall marketing objectives, and how can it be measured?

Share the experiences and knowledge of an expert practitioner while learning how to plan, launch, and evaluate a winning mobile marketing campaign.  Through cases studies and real world examples, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to decide when to use web and mobile marketing and how to ensure its effectiveness.

Learning outcomes:

  • Exploit and use mobile search to help your company reach new customers
  • Analyze the various types of content that best drive mobile success
  • Understand how social media is transforming marketing, and how it can help you achieve your marketing objectives
  • Measure and track your ROI, and review the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaign.