Change Management … ‘Team & Organizationally’

One of the most challenging tasks of organizations is getting people aligned and moving in the same direction at the same time, with the right skills and behaviours.

This is particularly true in today’s business environment when the inevitable happens; company directions must change, customer needs and expectations change or new growth or productivity initiatives are to be implemented, where the outcomes are determined by the skill of team leads and managers to create and guide productive change within their teams.

“To Change the Outside, it must Touch the Inside.”

Our dynamic facilitation approach within our Active Accelerated Training Programs engages participants in a process that integrates theory with unique active-learning that focus discussion, interactions, reflection and planning on immediate application of the learning to each persons or teams unique circumstance.

This process ensures we provide the ‘best fit’ for advancing the knowledge and skills of the participants, and match this with a new energy and excitement for creating productive change initiatives, interactions and experiences back at work.

Our Change Management Programs are customized to focus your team leads, supervisors and managers on advancing their capability to create and lead change initiatives within their teams. We will explore evolutionary and revolutionary change and the common barriers to successful team-based change. Participants will understand the characteristics and habits of high-performing teams and develop new insights into the skills and process for being productive change agents, guiding their teams to ‘accelerate’ with organizational change initiatives.

During the program participants will advance their learning through ‘experiencing’ unique team and personal change initiatives, combined with initiatives specific to your organization. We will use transferable change management tools and create team specific change guidelines for immediate application within their teams.

Outcomes and Transferable Tools will include:

  • Change Assessments… participants will complete transferable change assessments to clarify their team’s level of readiness for change.
  • The 4 levels of Organizational Change… Understand evolutionary versus revolutionary change and the manager’s role in communicating and supporting organizational change initiatives.
  • Team Leads and Managers as Change Agents… Leveraging the tools and high performance habits that position managers to lead by example in times of change.
  • Change Transition Wave… Understand the process of change and the potential resistance at each stage. Explore dynamic techniques to productively accelerate past resistance.
  • Communicating Change … Explore tools and enhance the skills to lead the Conversations that guide Staff Productivity and Team Morale through change. It’s about closing the gap by engaging in collaborative forward moving conversations from where you are to where you need to be.

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