Business & Social Etiquette Skills

Did you know that …

  • At least 40% of adults experience some form of social anxiety.
  • That 75% of adults feel uncomfortable & ill-equipped in 1-on-1 social situations.
  • That failing to win social endorsement from clients, prospects and peers is a major factor in lost business and stalled internal advancement.

Whether at business related cocktail parties, other social occasions or simply entertaining at home our social and people skills are constantly being evaluated and judged by our clients, prospects and peers and it is vital that the signals we send and the behaviours we exhibit are beyond reproach and earn a solid passing grade.

To provide you with that business winning edge, this Athena Alliance partner specializes in the design and delivery of practical and interactive Business & Social Etiquette Seminars that re-focus skills, behaviour and knowledge leading to greater confidence and effectiveness in all business related social interactions.

What makes our seminars so unique and effective is their customization to your specific needs and the ease in which you will develop the confidence and charisma required to cultivate new and reinforce existing business relationships – both internal and external.

We offer proven training seminars in the key areas of:

  • Developing Powerful People Skills
  • Correct Business Etiquette
  • Compelling Presentation Skills
  • Communicating in the Business World
  • Doing a Deal Over a Meal
  • Electronic Etiquette
  • Impeccable Social Skills
  • Projecting a Positive Image
  • Building Relationships Up & Down the Corporate Ladder

These key skills are offered as full or half-day workshops – or we can deliver individual modules to augment internal training initiatives. In addition our programs can be incorporated into Sales Conferences and Teamwork Building Rallies to add an element of social interaction – with a powerful learning component.

And it gets better! In conjunction with one of Canada’s foremost fine wine merchants we also offer hands-on wine tasting tutorials where the candidates get to practice their new skills in a fun and supportive environment.


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