e-Learning Training and Consulting

This Alliance partner provides training and consulting services to companies seeking to take full advantage of the latest in e-Learning.   This partner’s team has the tools and experience to assist clients in offering the most current, accessible and stimulating training to learners of all abilities.

Social Media

The biz buzz these days is all about Web 2.0 tools like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Podcasts.  Many marketers are being pressured to use these tools, without fully understanding where they fit in the marketing mix, or knowing how to properly measure the success or failure of their efforts.  Some companies – including the big banks – have invested heavily, and failed…others – from the Fortune 500 – have specifically decided NOT to participate.  How do you know what is right for your organization?

Virtual HR Manager

Regardless of location, industry or type of services offered, all companies have one common thread – a need for human resources. It has been estimated that the average business spends between 35 to 45 percent of its time handling employee related tasks and issues.  This is an exceptional amount of time when this is not a core product or service of the business. One solution involves providing HR support for leaders by shifting their time-consuming ‘people-related’ activities to a Virtual HR Manager.

Virtual Teams

Virtual team members commonly feel disconnected or over-looked. For a virtual team to be successful, the focus needs to be on the people, rather than the tools. Our training programs allow each team member to foster his or her skills and to actively contribute to the achievement of the team’s goals.


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