Many of our programs are offered in class as well as instructor lead interactive online programs

Athena Training and Consulting’s partners offer a wide variety of customized solutions to support organizations in their continued success and growth.

The Sales Edge – Skill Building Sales Training Program

New to sales or seasoned pros will benefit from this interactive and intense 3 day workshop.  You will walk away with a proven sales process that jumps starts you and keeps you on the right path to success. Learn from sales professionals who have walked the talk and who know first-hand what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur or salesperson.  This program will help you develop your personal unique sales edge so you can achieve consistent growth and success.

Developing yourself is the best investment in your future.  This program will help you build the skills, develop the confidence and create your own personal success story! This program can be fully customized for individual clients.

Hospitality Sales and Service

The program is designed for the tourism and hospitality industry and ideal for Sales Managers and Catering Sales personnel however can be customized to various industries.  Each program would be tailored specifically to the individual attendees.

Negotiation Skills

We address many of the key challenges in effective negotiation and relationship management, and offer a simple yet powerful framework for preparing for, conducting and evaluating all of your negotiations.  You will also learn how to communicate and advocate for your interests, while building strong working relationships, and how to effectively deal with difficult negotiators.

Sales Coaching Skills

This workshop utilizes accelerated training techniques such as case studies, role-plays and simulations to help attendees learn more effectively. The suggested class size is 8-20 participants to allow maximum interaction. This workshop is available as either a half-day or full-day session. The full-day session provides more in-depth information, so your contact center can boost its performance even further. At the end of the seminar, each participant will leave with an implementable action plan to improve their team’s sales results.

Sales and Social Media

Discover which social media platforms will work best for your business, and how other organizations are successfully using social media to reach new customers and generate loyalty.  Learn the steps you will need to develop a winning strategy, and avoid the pitfalls of “leading with the tool”. Find out how to take advantage of some of the more advanced business features of social networking sites, and how to track your ROI.

Sales Training for Call Centre Agents

Good service is not enough to ensure long term business viability. You need to seize opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell products and services over the phone.

Socialize the Top of Your  Sales Funnel

Our Alliance Partner is the leading Social Selling company in North America. We help you, the sales professional “Socialize the Top of your Sales Funnel.”  They provide world-class Social Selling solutions that drive sales opportunities.

Tele-coaching for Sales Teams

Tele-coaching is a confidential, personalized and interactive process that supports sales teams to more consistently achieve sales goals. Athena Alliance coaches provide a structure where the coach uses a variety of tools to assist the team in setting and achieving their sales goals.


Customer Service on the Web

Learn about best practice for providing web-based customer service.  Understand the key psychological elements of serving web customers.  See how the leading online applications allow your service reps to save time, increase the bottom line, and build customer satisfaction. Participate in a mini-workshop to create a customer service message for your company’s website.

How to Handle Irate Clients

 82% of upset members will deal with your company again… if their issue is resolved quickly. Designed specifically for dealing with upset callers, this workshop will help you soothe irate customers and build long lasting client relationships.

Legendary Customer Service

 Everyone in your organization needs to understand the Experience a strong service culture creates for your customer – Each & Every Time.  This is what builds loyal customer relationships and a better environment for employees. Satisfied customers will become your advocates and will remain fiercely loyal. A true service culture also includes providing excellence in customer service for internal customers as well. It is no accident that organizations such as Disney who live the customer excellence culture is also an exceptional place to work.

Secrets to Great Telephone Customer Service

When people call your organization, do they receive warm, friendly support or do they speak with technically competent people who want to help, but lack the skills needed to provide great customer service?.