Many of our programs are offered in class as well as instructor lead interactive online programs


Do your spreadsheets and reports communicate your numbers effectively? Are you maximizing the powers of calculation and analysis that Excel 2010 has to offer?  Our Excel 2010 training provides practical, easy-to-understand instruction in the functions and features of this versatile application.


Has your transition to Outlook 2010 been bumpy?  Is your productivity lagging as you search for functions and commands that used to be at your fingertips? Our Outlook 2010 training provides valuable, practical and straightforward information about how to make the best use of this powerful program.

Power Point

Effective Use of PowerPoint.  When is PowerPoint the right application to use?
How to avoid “death by PowerPoint”


Do you feel like your word processing skills are stuck in the ‘90s? Are your documents as dynamic as you would like them to be?
Our Word 2010 training will help you bring your document-creation skills up to date, and fully exploit this popular and ever-changing software.

Time Management with Outlook

By products of the program include increased motivation and a reduction in stress, burnout and turnover.  More and more of today’s office workers are looking not just for a pay cheque, but for meaningful activity.