Many of our programs are offered in class as well as instructor lead interactive online programs

These are a sampling of  the Leadership Programs offered by our Alliance Partners today. Keep in mind everything we do is customized to the individual client’s needs.

Change Management

Our Change Management Programs are customized to focus your team leads, supervisors and managers on advancing their capability to create and lead change initiatives within their teams. We will explore evolutionary and revolutionary change and the common barriers to successful team-based change.


We have several partners who have designed powerful delegation programs. Our customized solutions recognize how critical effective delegation can be to the success of both your leaders and your organization. Who should participate in such training: Leaders and Managers from every level within your organization.

Emotional Intelligence

The mental ability we are born with which gives us our emotional sensitivity and our potential for emotional learning management skills, which can help us, maximize our long-term health, happiness and survival. — S.Hein, March 2004

Leadership, Management & Supervisory Skills

At Athena Alliance we offer value based, solution focused leadership development and implementation assistance to the very specific, strategic needs of your organization. Walking the talk is not always easy. Our training and consulting professionals have the experience and expertise to show you, through our customized process, how to take your leadership to the next level.

Live Your Potential

Live Your Potential is a 2.5-Day leadership development program designed exclusively for ambitious, motivated professional women. Award-winning Athena Alliance trainers guide trainees to reflect on their interests, competencies, and passion, allowing them to set clear professional goals and a course of action. Trainees gain increased confidence, a “can-achieve” attitude, and a greater sense of personal leadership.

The program enhances leadership skills that are cornerstones for success in any organization: self-awareness, self-motivation, social & emotional intelligence, communicating own value & voicing goals, and building relationships & networks.

Personal Leadership Effectiveness

Establish your brand.  All successful brands have something in common, whether we are speaking of products, people or organizations. They all have a clear, well defined identity; and everything they say and do consistently aligns with that identity. It is how they stand out and how others come to know and trust them.

Positive Power & Influence

 To get things done in today’s organizations, we must positively influence others-direct reports, colleagues, managers, clients, and suppliers-both inside and outside the organization.  In addition, the factors influencing organizations change therefore flexibility in using different influence approaches is key.  Typical influence goals include gaining buy-in for one’s ideas, securing cooperation, attuning agendas, and sustaining action.

Priority Management

Bridging the gap between strategic priorities, performance goals, and what we’re working on today. The Priority Map™ workshop (2-4 hours long) is a series of planning exercises, supported by a visible tool (the priority map) that many of my clients find extremely useful for clarifying/focusing/executing on performance goals & strategic priorities. It’s a great way to keep performance plans “alive” and help teams stay aligned. This learning is targeted toward managers and supervisors. It’s also appropriate for high potential individual contributors who have responsibility for various longer term performance objectives, priorities and projects.

Rountable for Leaders

No longer the domain of CEO’s and corporate Presidents, The Roundtable for Leaders gives mid-career leaders access to this powerful peer mentoring and executive coaching program and delivers immediate results. Consider it your own personal board of directors filled with individuals who know you, understand your motivations and passionately believe in your success.  If you’ve been thinking about doing something bigger with your leadership career, then now is the time to act.

Plus many many more…call today and let’s talk about how Athena partners can bring your leadership team to the next level