Are Your Employees Really Engaged? by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC


Every employee has good days and bad ones. But, too many bad ones may mean that your employee has lost their mojo. It’s not unusual to find employees experiencing a bit of burnout and failing to be as engaged as usual.index

As a business owner or manager, it’s important to quickly recognize when your employees are less engaged than usual. You may notice habits like missing work more frequently, or you may notice an employee making more mistakes than usual. It can even be as simple as the employee not having their usual positive attitude or failing to provide the customer service you expect from your employees.

Once you have identified that an employee is less engaged than normal, it is important to address the issue quickly. The longer the problem persists, the more the employee is to grow dissatisfied with their job. In addition, their lack of engagement will affect your business, either through sales, quality or customer satisfaction.

Sometimes the problem can be solved with a little time off, or a simple change in tasks. Once employees become bored with their day to day routines, a break in that routine can be very welcome and can be just what is needed to get them back on track.

In some cases, the employee is ready to move to a different position permanently, in order to grow as an employee. As a boss, it’s part of your job to try and recognize when employees are ready for more responsibility and to provide regular challenges to help them grow in their careers. Employees who know they will be constantly challenged and rewarded for their efforts are less likely to be disgruntled.

Offering an incentive or a contest may help if you have several employees who are feeling bored with their job routines. Such programs can generate excitement and healthy competition that makes the workplace a little more interesting.

Keeping your employees engaged is one great way to ensure your business provides your customers with the experience they desire. It’s also a great way to ensure your employees stay happy at work, so your team thrives on all the challenges you’ll face as you grow.

The Salaried Entrepreneur by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC


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As a business owner, hiring the right type of employee is critical to seeing your business grow and succeed. Of course, it is important to choose employees who possess the right skill set for the job, and who have had the prerequisite required training, too. However, to help take your business to the next level, look for employees who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Here are some things to look for to help you find people who will treat your business like their own.

1. Adaptability. As businesses grow and change, processes, procedures and practices must change as well. Choosing adaptable people helps ensure that your business stays agile and keeps up with the changing business environment.

2. Creativity. Your business will consistently need new ideas to keep growing. Creative minds are always thinking of new programs and new ways of doing things. Bringing in creative people and then allowing them to do what they do best will help you to have the important collaboration that helps keep your business moving forward.

3. Responsibility. Employees who think like business owners are responsible. They treat the company’s money like it was their own, and they have reliable and ethical work habits. These are people you can count on to consistently do the work they were hired to do to the best of their ability and to manage time and resources wisely.

4. Customer focus. Employee entrepreneurs work hard to take care of customers because they inherently understand how important each customer is to the bottom line. These are people you can count on to treat your customers just the way you would treat them.

When you surround yourself with employees who think like business owners, your business will flourish over time. There will be bumps along the way, of course, but you will be equipped with a team of problem solvers who can make changes as required. With others on your team who think like entrepreneurs, you can be certain that everyone is looking out for the best interest of your business and your customers.