Health and Safety

Health and Safety

In the ever-changing business environment in which we operate, learning to understand and confidently respond to health and safety related emergencies results in peace of mind and improved productivity.

Safety has become an increasingly important facet of every organization because the tasks associated with our every day activities may unexpectedly result in injury or death. The need to prepare employees to properly react in such situations is a WSIB requirement (WSIB Regulation 1101) which makes safety training and adequate supplies mandatory in the workplace.

The Athena Alliance partner offers superior First Aid training and supplies. Founded in 1997, our partner is a partner of the Canadian Red Cross and the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Our clients learn practical skills needed to treat injuries and save lives, taught by a team of experienced professionals who have medical or emergency response backgrounds.

Health & Safety Courses

* Health & Safety Training Level 1
* Health & Safety Training Level 2

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