Ergonomics for Work Wellness

Ergonomics for Work Wellness

On-site Education

This achieves the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. Staff and management education sessions help alert everyone to easily observable risk factors and solutions. After an education session you can see the changes begin. This Alliance partner’s on-site education services include, but are not limited to: educating occupational health and safety committees or individuals on how to initiate an ergonomic program; individual job coaching sessions; group instruction on posture, correct manual handling procedures, how to have a health back, re-arranging your workstation to fit you etc.; and risk identification and management.

Work Place Design/Re-design

This Alliance partner offers inexpensive solutions to help update existing workstations, and makes cost conscious recommendations for creating new work areas. We can help you make your workplace safer and more efficient no matter what your budget. A thorough analysis is done and several different options are presented for design or re-design.

Ergonomic Job Analysis

Job Analysis is a detailed assessment of not only the demands of the job, but of the work environment itself. This type of analysis clearly targets risk factors and allows recommendations to be made for physical and procedural changes in the work environment. This pro-active tool can help you minimize injuries, increase productivity, and in turn reduce costs.

Return to Work Programs

In the event that a worker becomes injured this Alliance partner can implement an immediate return to work program. This will limit the amount of time a worker spends off work, and decrease WSIB and Long-Term Disability (LTD) costs. Return to work programs aim to return a worker to their original job, and/or help create modified or alternative work for the worker to perform until they are functioning at pre-accident levels.

Functional Abilities Evaluations (FAE) or Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Our Alliance partner provides one of the most up to date FAE, which can be used to determine a worker’s current level of ability with respect to doing work. With the aid of a video camera and many measuring devices we can help you return an injured worker to their job or another position, while minimizing any risk. This evaluation also gives you the information to determine if a worker requires further training, rehabilitation, or re-assignment.

Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

Often, knowing ahead of time what job requirements are can ensure that a worker won’t be injured. Our Alliance partner conducts physical demands analysis to give you detailed job descriptions, which include; the forces required, postures used, and the frequencies and duration necessary to complete the job. This information is valuable in helping you properly train and equip your employees for the job.

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