Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs

Our Athena Alliance partner is a strategic firm committed to enhancing corporate wellness from an individual and organizational level.


Individual health is on a decline and workplaces are faced with continuous absenteeism and productivity challenges.

We recognize the need for healthy work environments and alternative wellness solutions. Especially, for the everyday corporate citizen juggling work, family, and personal needs.

We believe that by renewing the human mind, body, & spirit, ones mental focus, creativity, and passion heightens to extraordinary levels. We are therefore committed to creating balance within the workday to create a further productive, dynamic, and enjoyable work environment.

What do we do?

We enable organizational & individual wellness through a variety of at work initiatives. Our focus is to create healthy work environments where individual health practices are made possible. We center our efforts on bringing awareness, knowledge and effective wellness services to clients across Canada.

Our mission is to add value. Simply stated we strive to provide simple and effective at work wellness solutions to re-energize, empower, and strengthen employees and organizations as a whole.  Some of our services include:

  •  Consulting
    • Create a Culture of Health – Business Case
    • Customized Employee Wellness Programming
    • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Learn
    • 1 hour to full day workshops on variety of health topics including but not limited to:
      • Disease Prevention
      • Healthy Eating / Healthy Cooking Demo’s
      • Ergonomics / Back Care
      • Fitness Programming
      • Weight Loss
      • Stress Management / Mindfulness / Personal Development
  • Check Ups
    • Flu Clinics
    • 1 on 1 health conversations
    • Health Screening Clinics (Know Your Numbers)
  • Challenges
    • Weight Loss Competitions – i.e. Zip Your Fat
    • Walking Challenges
    • Health Journeys – i.e.  21 Day Detox
  • Movement
    • Fitness Facility Management
    • Boardroom Fitness Classes i.e. yoga, pilates, bootcamp, dance, zumba, boxing, & more …
    • Onsite Personal Training
  • De-Stress
    • Massage at Work (i.e. Chair Massage, RMT)
    • Mindfulness at Work / Stress Management Workshops