Wellness, Health & Safety

The Athena Alliance partners know the importance of having a safe and healthy workforce and workplace.

Corporate Wellness Programs~ Today, with best practices from WHO (world heath organization) and WEF (world economic forum) as guiding principles, and the support of fantastic multi disciplinary team of health experts our Alliance partner collaborates with organizations ready to pay attention to their number one asset-their employees.

Ergonomics – Work Wellness  ~This Alliance partner’s on-site education services include, but are not limited to: educating occupational health and safety committees or individuals on how to initiate an ergonomic program; individual job coaching sessions; group instruction on posture, correct manual handling procedures, how to have a health back, re-arranging your workstation to fit you etc.; and risk identification and management.

First Aid ~ Safety has become an increasingly important facet of every organization because the tasks associated with our every day activities may unexpectedly result in injury or death. The need to prepare employees to properly react in such situations is a WSIB requirement (WSIB Regulation 1101) which makes safety training and adequate supplies mandatory in the workplace.

Fork Lift  ~ The Athena Alliance partner offers superior Fork Lift Training training. Founded in 1997, our partner provides our clients with programs that cover the practical skills needed to safely and efficiently operate a forklift truck.

Health & Safety ~ In the ever-changing business environment in which we operate, learning to understand and confidently respond to health and safety related emergencies results in peace of mind and improved productivity.

Laughter Yoga  ~ Do you want to reinforce teamwork,reduce Stress,improve morale,spark creativity and boost productivity?  Then laughter Yoga might be just what you are looking for!

Laughter is the Best Medicine ~ This Laughter is the Best Medicine progam can: reduce stress, strengthen relationships, boost energy, improve morale and demonstrate that laughter as a valuable workplace tool!

Worklife Balance ~ We all face the daily challenges that our fast paced lives present to us. The Athena Alliance partners are no different. That is why we have incorporated the same tools and practices into our own lives that we teach our clients. We provide the training so participants can develop the skills to help them bounce back quickly in the face of pressures and adversities they encounter both in the workplace and at home. Our focus is to transform personal and professional challenges into growth and development opportunities, define and resolve work-life balance interference and focus on your goals.