Virtual Team Programs

Virtual Team Programs

Virtual team members commonly feel disconnected or over-looked. For a virtual team to be successful, the focus needs to be on the people, rather than the tools. Our training programs allow each team member to foster his or her skills and to actively contribute to the achievement of the team’s goals.

Training: Your Success is Our Success

Many organizations are transitioning from traditional, collocated teams to virtual teams. However, you may be unfamiliar with working in the virtual environment. Our training includes one or a combination of the following, depending on your team’s specific needs and your comfort level in virtual environments:

  •  Live: In-Class Courses
  •  Synchronous/Live Online Training: Often called Instructor-Led Training (ILT), Synchronous training involves real-time training, conducted via the web.
  • Asynchronous/E-Learning: Training that is not dependent on time or location. This type of training is typically self-study and can be accessed by you at your convenience.

Our flexible teaching methods are designed to work with your schedule and time constraints. We always provide the best training options for you and your team. TRAINING.

This alliance partner offers both pre- and post-training activities to complement our training courses. These activities ensure that course material is being applied in the workplace.

Pre-training activities help prepare participants for a course, while providing this alliance partner an opportunity to add another layer of personalization to the course content. This can be the difference between a simple training course and a session that engages and inspires employees.

Post-training activities reinforce the material discussed during training and ensure maximum retention. When the follow-up is performed, it can dramatically increase the impact of training in the long run.

In Class Programs

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