Virtual HR Manager

A Virtual HR Manager at Your Service!

Leaders from businesses of all sizes need to establish creative methods to grow and expand their companies.  In today’s world, budgets are tighter, deadlines are shorter and expectations have been elevated, making it increasingly challenging to grow your business.

Regardless of location, industry or type of services offered, all companies have one common thread – a need for human resources. It has been estimated that the average business spends between 35 to 45 percent of its time handling employee related tasks and issues.  This is an exceptional amount of time when this is not a core product or service of the business. One solution involves providing HR support for leaders by shifting their time-consuming ‘people-related’ activities to a Virtual HR Manager.

By adding an experienced Virtual HR Manager to your business, leaders will:

  • Receive the benefits of HR support that is both prompt and professional, meeting the needs of their busy schedules.
  • Reduce liability and ensure legislative compliance in their workplace.
  • Have confidence that your workplace issues will be resolved quickly and cost-effectively, with minimal interruptions to the business.
  • Be provided with expertise and innovation in the area of Human Resources including current trends and best practices.

A service like HR Essentials, delivered by the seasoned Alliance Member Team, will take care of the ‘people-side’ of your business enabling you to execute on your business strategy.


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