e-Learning Training and Consulting

e-Learning Training and Consulting

This Alliance partner provides training and consulting services to companies seeking to take full advantage of the latest in e-Learning.   This partner’s team has the tools and experience to assist clients in offering the most current, accessible and stimulating training to learners of all abilities.

This Alliance partner offers expertise in three key aspects of eLearning:

Course Conversion – In-Class to Online

This Alliance Partner has created a methodology for the successful execution of course conversion from in-class to online formats. This partner retains the integrity and learning objectives of existing training materials while transforming them for optimal and effective online delivery.  This partner is fully equipped to produce or co-produce the delivery of learning materials at all levels of interactivity and sophistication, according to a client’s needs.

The Technology of e-Learning – Finding the Best Possible Provider

Web conferencing is used to conduct live meetings or presentations over the Internet.  It is also a commonly-used delivery tool for many online training materials.  The team members of this alliance partner are experts in online facilitation and current IT best practice. They are exceptionally qualified to identify and recommend the most appropriate web conference/eLearning delivery application for use by a client’s learners and administrators. At a minimum, any web conferencing application they recommend will provide the following key functions:

Ease of access and navigation for learner

  • Password-protected security features
  • Historical course access and activity data for HR tracking purposes
  • Generous file storage capacity

Train-the-Trainer – Making the Shift

Even the most experienced classroom trainers need assistance when switching to the online medium.  The eLearning environment requires adapted instructional strategies and powerful communication skills. This alliance partner eases the transition for trainers and facilitators from in-class delivery to the eLearning format.  This partner’s program is designed to help trainers deliver highly interactive instruction to maximize learner engagement.

This Alliance partner has worked with clients in the following industries:

Tourism Telecommunications Finance
Computer Software Pharmaceutical Consumer Goods
Public Sector Automotive Education
Insurance Manufacturing Business Services

Stratégie d’apprentissage en ligne

Ce partenaire est aussi disponible à fournir les services suivants, en français :

  • Conversion de cours – de format traditionnels à format en ligne
  • Consultation concernant la technologie de l’apprentissage en ligne
  • La formation des formateurs, pour ceux qui veulent commuter au milieu d’internet

Ciblé aux compagnies qui cherchent à profiter pleinement des avancements dans le monde de l’apprentissage sur internet, ce partenaire ont les outils et l’expérience pour aider des clients en offrant la formation la plus courante, la plus accessible et stimulante aux étudiants de toutes les capacités.

eLearning Samples

eLearning Sample #1 – “Visual Curriculum”
The key challenge of online learning is to “bring the information to life”.  Our instructional designers are skilled at taking complex curriculum and transforming it into a highly stimulating and interactive learning experience.  Click on the link below to view an example of how we have taken typical policy and procedural material and converted it into an engaging online lesson. (Please note:  Flash 5.0 or higher is required to view this sample).

eLearning Sample #2 – “Simplified Technical Materials”
Our online technical instruction provides a virtual “hands-on” experience.  It is a highly effective means of communicating operational and practical information to a wide audience.  Click on the link below to view an example of how we have created highly accessible curriculum regarding the technical aspects of industrial equipment. (Please note:  Flash 5.0 or higher is required to view this sample).

eLearning Sample #3 – “Interactive Quiz”
Knowledge checks are a crucial element of online instruction.  They capture critical learning points while providing a “change-of-pace” within the curriculum delivery.  Click on the link below to view an example of one of our interactive quizzes. (Please note:  Flash 5.0 or higher is required to view this sample).

eLearning Sample #4 – “Expert on Your Desktop”
Online learning does not have to mean impersonal learning.  eLearning can provide the credibility and authenticity of face-to-face instruction, while offering learners the added benefit of being able to replay a pre-recorded expert’s instruction as often as they wish. Click on the link below to view an example of a face-to-face address delivered directly to your desktop.  (Please note:  Windows Media Player 10 or higher is required to view this sample).

eLearning Sample #5 – “Embedded Video
The beauty of eLearning is the opportunity it provides to deliver information in a variety of exciting media.  In many cases, a mix of interactive animation and digital video can achieve excellent learner outcomes.  Click on the link below to view an example of embedded video. (Please note:  Windows Media Player 10 or higher is required to view this sample).


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