The Rescuers

The Rescuers

The Scenario:

Vanished!  Without a trace. Deep in the Canadian wilderness, a team of leading scientists set out to locate a rare flower. Their mission complete, the scientists were headed home.  But they never arrived.  Your world-famous team is summoned for this incredibly challenging search-and-rescue mission.

The Program:

  • Your team must ultimately locate the scientists, treat their injuries, and evacuate them to safety
  • Team members will be split up and be trained in one area of specialization that may include:

– high angle rescue
– rope stretcher construction
– orienteering with compasses and GPS
– wilderness first-aid and base camp management
– radio communication

  • Once the Search and Rescue begins all of these diverse skills must be integrated with precision and speed

Program Outcomes:

  • Elevating team spirit and morale
  • Creating “big-picture” thinking and generating interdepartmental collaboration
  • Deepening a sense of responsibility, empowerment, and ownership
  • Finding the winning balance between planning and execution
  • Fostering effective communication

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