Team Building

Team Building

At Athena Alliance we believe that you and your organization “build” teams and we support you to “develop” them. We offer a wide variety of programs in the area of team development. We spend the time to fully understand your individual organizational needs and focus on the outcomes you require.

Based on the your requirements we can provide the “Perfect Fit” which could range from the powerful process of Experiential Learning, a Fun Event, or an Interactive/Learning session. Our commitment is to provide you with a customized solution that will result in improved teamwork, enhanced communication, commitment and performance.

The Athena Alliance team development partner has various programs that can be run with different size groups and timeframes to suit your specific needs.

Whether you are looking to build trust, skill development, energize, unite, motivate, excel, develop, celebrate, provide adventures and challenge one of the Athena Alliance partners has the perfect program for your team. Scroll listing below for a brief overview:

Program Descriptions:

Meeting Energizers & Team Celebrations
Only have an hour or two to spare? Don’t know what to do to motivate and energize your conference group of 10…50…100…300 participants during your upcoming offsite? The Athena Alliance partner’s meeting energizer programs are designed to fit into a short time period and are guaranteed to energize and motivate your team. At the same time, our activities are infused with key organization messages such as collaboration vs. competition, managing change, situational leadership, goal-setting and recognition and celebrations. Meeting energizers are perfect for the first steps in team development or a fun break during a conference or meeting.

Teambuilding Adventures
Teambuilding Adventures are designed to motivate your team and to provide them with team development skills that will enhance their performance at work. Our Teambuilding adventure programs are exciting and engaging and are a more in-depth look at various organizational messages. These programs are half-day or full-day in length and can accommodate 10-150 participants or more. Team challenges can be physical or mental or a combination of both and can follow themes such as; The Amazing Race, Fear Factor, Survivor, Quest for Fire etc.. The only limitation is imagination. High ropes are utilized in some of these programs depending upon the group and the desired outcomes.

Stretch Expeditions
Every year this Alliance partner leads a group of inspired people on a learning adventure. This expedition will give you the opportunity to see a spectacular part of the earth and do it with a group of enthusiastic team leaders. Our partner will lead you through a curriculum focused to enhance your team and leadership skills and use the adventure to tie it to high performance teams.

Motivate Programs: Powerful Team Building
Motivate programs are full of focused team discovery and are highly engaging. All team members will be involved and walk away with new team skills and enhanced commitment to the team.

Team Development, Team Alignment & New Team Orientation
These focused half-day and full-day training sessions are designed to take your team to the next level regardless if they are just forming or a well-tuned team. These programs introduce the group to current team and leadership theory in team development, leadership, change management and others and enhance understanding through various initiatives. Motivate programs often utilize a workbook and discussion groups to create a focused action plan for growth. High ropes are utilized in some of these programs depending upon the group and the desired outcomes.

Excel Programs: Advisory Consulting
Excel programs are special in-depth relationships between your team and the Athena Alliance partner. We spend time to get to know you and design a long-term solution to help you meet your goals. These programs can focus on but are not limited to Strategic Planning, Values and Purpose Creation, Embracing Change, Process improvement and Employee Retention. All program are custom designed and will have a combination of several training components.

High Ropes
The ropes course is a series of team events that take place on a custom built training course. The team is presented with a challenge that involves climbing and support roles. This event is inclusive to all participants regardless of their physical ability. Participants finish the event with a great sense of accomplishment in both themselves and in the team. All team members are working as a cohesive unit and the level of trust, communication, leadership, camaraderie, dedication to the team and motivation are greatly increased. This is an experience that will not soon be forgotten.