Survive or Thrive

The Scenario:

Teams that are not satisfied with the status quo – with just surviving – must OUTWIT, OUTPLAY and OUTLAST the competition.  They must move beyond basic organizational survival and learn to thrive!

SURVIVE-OR-THRIVE is an energetic, competitive, and insightful team experience that will identify the key team skills that are needed to make thriving a reality, while building stronger team relationships and morale.

The Program:

  • Participants will be strategically divided into competitive tribes
  • Tribes must compete in a series of challenging activities
  • Each activity will bring to life a key team skill required to “thrive” (ex. communication, trust, alignment, etc.)
  • Vital roles will exist for all participants regardless of ability or activity level
  • Tribe formation rituals, exciting reward challenges, and a unique closing ceremony and grand finale will make SURVIVE-OR-THRIVE an unforgettable component to your meeting or conference

Program Outcomes:

  • Elevating team spirit and morale
  • Understanding and valuing each person’s unique contribution to the team
  • Creating an environment that allows team members to get to know one another better
  • Allowing the team to play with a purpose

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