Max Your Cache

Max Your Cache

The Scenario:

Cache noun

1. a French Canadian trapper’s slang for, “a hidden storage place for money or provisions”

Max Your Cache! verb

1. an adventure that combines compass and GPS coordination with interactive team initiatives, allowing participants to experience the power of collaboration and the potential pitfalls of inter-team competition
The Program:

  • Your team will be challenged with locating and retrieving as much “cache” as possible in a limited amount of time
  • Groups will be given resources (GPS, compasses, etc.), instruction and planning time to develop their strategy
  • This innovative scavenger hunt will put these strategies to the test as groups must use their team skills to maximize their results
  • Your team will have an opportunity to reflect on their approach to this challenge in order to identify learning that transfers to the real world

Learning Outcomes:

  • Elevating team spirit and morale
  • Developing effective team relationships
  • Exploring the benefits and pitfalls associated with collaboration and competition

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