Launch It ™

Launch It

Create an environment where people get things done!

Indoor Simulation Game.


  • To recognize the value of effective prioritization and compliance to strategy.
  • To recognize that priorities are reflected in action and not in intentions.

Launch it Activity

  • Teams have a mission to accomplish and must identify their top priorities from a selection of tasks.
  • Each day brings forth a new status report with unforeseen circumstances which prompts participants to make a choice on the appropriate course of action based on a series of Guiding Principles.
  • Teams are rewarded or pay the consequences based on their choice.
  • Participants are bound by rules and regulations and time constraints.
  • At a designated time, the shuttle is launched as a result of pods declaring “we are go” or “we are no go”.
  • A break-out debrief session after the game enables facilitators to capture the thoughts and experiences of their assigned group and to link key messages back to their work environment.
  • During the break-out session, facilitators will help to generate small group discussion and manage the process of having participants report back to the entire group in an orderly fashion, keeping track of the time.

Key outcomes:

  • Participants learn to take ownership over results
  • Participants learn the proper set up phase that aligns staff with company goals, priority tasks and guiding principles.

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