Equine Assisted Team Building

Engage, Energize & Empower Your Team!

This event goes beyond just bringing your team together, we will help build stronger relationships within your team along with the critical communication, leadership and collaboration skills necessary to deliver better bottom line results.  Our proprietary objective based exercises ensure your team development needs are met!

But Why Horses?

 In a session the horse’s role is to help you recognize opportunities for learning within yourself and your team.  All the skills attitudes and behaviours required to successfully work with the horse are the same as those that help us work with people.  Horses simply react, providing ongoing honest feedback to participants.

Horses seek strong leadership for their own safety.

  • Horses rely on the security of a herd (team) for survival.
  • Horses continuously evaluate our ability to keep them safe.
  • Horses provide instant, honest feedback.

When you learn how to communicate, lead and work effectively with a horse, you learn valuable skills that you can apply to all of your relationships. Skills that improve team performance and drive results!

Specializing in Custom Events

  •  Events tailored to meet specific team objectives, time and budget
  • 1 hour to full day programs
  • Certified Facilitators with a breadth of business experience
  • Boardroom rental
  • Top quality catered meals
  • For teams of 10 to 30

*No previous horse or riding experience necessary.  All exercises are done safely from the ground.