Drumming for Teambuilding

The entire process of Drumming highlights and helps to develop the Team skills necessary to work together in harmony such as; communication, collaboration, listening, trust, leadership and respect.

Drumming for Teambuilding is a unique and inclusive program that brings Team members to the same level. Just as each instrument plays an important role in the rhythm, each person plays an integral role in the team.  Each Team members’ unique rhythmic contribution, creates a group rhythm greater than the sum of it’s parts.

In the Athena Alliance member’s interactive, high energy Drumming Program, your Team will:

  • Engage in collaborative and fun and energizing rhythm activities and be introduced to basic hand drumming technique
  • Learn and successfully play a multi-part African rhythm and explore improvisational music-making
  • Increase Team cohesion and moral
  • Boost creativity
  • Release stress
  • Develop leadership, listening and communication skills
  • Have a FUN, unique and memorable experience

We will spend time debriefing activities in order to make the connection from Drumming, back to concepts relevant to your team and their everyday responsibilities.

No previous musical experience is necessary and we provide all instruments.

At the end of the Drumming Program, Team members will have strengthened existing bonds, formed new connections, and be left with an overall sense of renewal, energy and focus as they enter back to work.

Bring a Drumming for Teambuilding Program to your:

  • Conference
  • Retreat
  • Lunch and Learn Seminars
  • Employee Wellness Programs
  • Special Events
  • Our workshops are customized to meet the needs and themes relevant to your Team
  • Workshop length ranges from 1-hr to full day events
  • We cater to small groups and large group events of up to 300 or more