Driven to Win! ™

Driven to Win!

Driven to Win! assigns your staff to stock car teams and asks them to out-perform together.  They’ll have to impress sponsors, attract personnel, drive the car and work in the pit (metaphorically).  They will manage risks and make real time race day decisions that affect how they how they place, or even if they finish the race!

  • It is the perfect high energy simulation for your next sales meeting, conference or staff development event (30-600 people) where team and performance come to life as they never have before.
  • Average just doesn’t cut it.  In this sport, there are no average winners! Every day is Race Day!
  • Debrief topics might include:

o    Are you competing for revenue, and fighting for market share?
o    Are you attracting and keeping the best people?
o    Who are your drivers, your mechanics, your spotters?
o    Are your investments in training and equipment driving performance?
o    How well do each of these components perform together?
o    Are you winning the race?

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