CSI- Who Crushed the Competition?

Who Crushed the Competition?

Customized simulation game.

  • Indoor or outdoor mystery challenge where the team will need to determine how the crime scene formed.
  • Crime scene: the tragic loss of your competitors has left this team scratching its head. Over the next 2 hours, the team will need to assign roles, leverage strengths, and determine, by reverse engineering methods, how you ended up dominating the marketplace! Imagine that!
  • Success is wonderful but can you repeat it? Many teams cannot. This very unique simulation game blends engaging criminal scene clues and challenges with tangible learning for applying to business.
  • The “post-success” analysis has team members getting really clear on how market dominance happened and then how to transfer those choices and skills into personal meaning. Take-away learning is focused on creating repeatable patterns of results.
  • Fun, challenging and business relevant. Many times the ROI of a typical teambuilding game.
  • Half and full day session with integrated leadership skills or strategic planning.













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