Creating a Shared Team Vision ™

Creating a Shared Team Vision

Setting a Course with Unified Focus.

High performance teams share a vision for results and stay dialed into reaching the destination regardless of challenges.

Working in small groups, the team will collaborate on:

o    what needs more innovation.
o    what conventional wisdom needs to be reframed
o    what needs re-inventing.
o    and what practices need ramping up.

  • Negativity, team disconnect, complacency, and change fear are all symptoms of a missing Shared Team Vision. With this in place, team members have a positive alternative to focus their energy and talents.
  • Participants will commit to measurable performance criteria and team support strategies.
  • Vision Linked to Big Audacious Goals
  • Review key discussion topics and combine with brain stormed intentions.
  • Participants work through Visioning Page to identify new possibilities, barriers, strategies, and how to link to B.A.G.’s to purpose and ownership.
  • Group summary and action commitments are shared amongst the team with plans for follow-up meetings.

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