Conquering Everest

The Scenario:

At 8850m Everest is the tallest mountain on earth and one of the most sought after mountaineering goals. Your team will have a chance to embark on a simulated ascent of this extraordinary mountain. Participants will work together to form as a team, to create a vision of success and to make critical decisions that will lead them to the top.
During Conquering Everest you will follow Scott Kress’ 2008 climb of Everest when he became the 51st Canadian to stand on the summit. True stories, photos and video from the expedition will bring this program to life.
The ultimate goal of this program is to demonstrate the power of team when embarking on a complex and challenging task. The learning focus of this program is: teamwork, collaboration, team decision- making, communication, and leadership.

The Program:

•    Participants will work in small expedition teams
•    A brief introduction will set the stage for the ascent with real stories and photos from the 2008 expedition
•    Each team will determine their vision of success
•    Individuals will answer a series of critical questions related to the expedition
•    These same questions will then be answered in a collaborative manner with the expedition team
•    Individual and team answers will be compared to the expert answers and the results will determine your level of success
•    The session will wrap up with additional stories and photos from the expedition that will give your team the amazing perspective that can only be found at the summit of Mount Everest!

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