Building Bridges

Building Bridges

The Scenario:

Your team’s goal is to build a series of highly specialized bridges. Participants will operate in small groups, cross-functional teams and as an entire organization to accomplish this bridge building challenge. With limited time and resources, coupled with the expectation of big results, your team will have to tap into the necessary elements of effective communication in order to succeed.

The Program:

  • Through an interactive approach to learning, participants will gain insight into the elements of effective communication
  • Sub-groups will work on constructing sections of a bridge from geographically separated areas, with various barriers being placed on communication and collaboration being limited and strategic
  • Meetings between sub-groups must be maximized in order to ensure the bridges will meet in the middle, and adhere to all the building parameters
  • Bridges will be inspected, ensuring they meet all the building specifications and pass the weight test!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Elevating team spirit and morale
  • Developing effective team relationships
  • Fostering effective communication

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