TimeCorder ~ Professional Time Tracking System

TimeCorder – Professional Time Tracking System

“We show organizations how their employees can spend
an extra three hours per week on their top priority activities.”

Our user-friendly time studies are conducted with the proprietary

TIMECORDER ~ Professional Time Tracking System



For two weeks, employees track their time easily with the press of a single button. They can track up to 26 activities, corresponding with letters of the alphabet. Feedback is instant, but results are anonymous – employees’ names are not divulged in the presentation of data to management.  As a result, the participation rate for our employee-friendly studies is 94%!


  • Job measurement – The results highlight which job activities are getting priority. How do employees’ times compare to others? What activities should be automated or delegated?
  • Identification of barriers to productivity – What gets in the way of maximum productivity? What activities are redundant or require trimm
  • Benchmarking – What standards or best practices can be established for jobs and tasks?
  • Time management – What training opportunities exist for better individual effectiveness?
  • Performance Improvement – Once individuals see their results (or attend a follow up seminar) they will have the insights and tools needed to improve their output.
  • Business case development – Results can document results or provide the rationale for important process improvement initiatives. Also, changes can be tracked from a pre-study to a post-study.