SEATS Corporate Program

SEATS Corporate Program

From time to time we get inquiries from organizations that have only a few people to be trained and are looking for a public workshop.  Our Alliance Partner Joe Gaskovski offers public workshops covering many different topics.  See below for titles:

How does it work?

With the SEATS training program you can mix and match specific workshops to the individual needs and requirements of all your staff.

SEATS is a flexible, customizable and cost-effective way to provide the right training to virtually everyone in your organization and still stay within your tight budget.  Purchase as many SEATS as you need when you need them. Contact us today for more information.

Workshop Titles

Body Language for Leaders
Coaching and Feedback for Performance
Creativity, Innovation and CI
Customer Service Excellence
Influence, Motivation and Persuasion
Interpersonal Business Communication
Leadership and Teamwork
Managing Change Today
Managing Conflict Today
Managing Difficult People
Measuring the ROI of Training
Power Presentation Skills
Problem-Solving and Decision Making
Project Management Fundamentals
SMARTER Goal Setting
Supervisory Leadership Skills
Time Management Today
Account and Territory Management
Consultative Selling – Call Strategies
Integrated Executive Selling
Prospecting fro New Business

Plus many many more….  contact us today for program outlines

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