Lifestyle Transition Planning

Lifestyle Transition Planning

The Athena Alliance partner is a comprehensive, independent and objective service provider that addresses the growing need for personal and financial transition planning.

Lifestyle Transition Planning Program© consists of home based exercises which prepare participants for an interactive workshop session. This program is designed to provide participants with a framework for making decisions about the life they want in the future. These lifestyle goals are then modeled by the participants so they can see and understand the financial consequences of their decisions and then take appropriate action. This modeling is accomplished using a specialized lifestyle modeling software. The end result is that the participant develops a blueprint for being able to cope with and take charge of change and transition regardless of what stage they are at in their lives.

In addition, this unique program is also available for corporations in a web based E– Learning format. This allows employees 24 hour access, anywhere in Canada. The program is designed to assist participants in building a framework from which they and their spouse or partner can make decisions about their future.

Either the seminar program or the E – Learning Program works just as well for those participants who happen to be single.

Lifestyle transition planning is a prerequisite to financial planning and has an adaptable set of customer solutions.


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