Athena Training and Consulting’s partners offer multitude of soft skills training programs that support organizations and their employees personal and professional development. Below is a list of some of our specialty programs.

Art and Creativity for Business

In our ever changing, fast moving, technological world most companies recognize the importance of innovation for success. Studies of the brain are pointing out how we need to open up to a ‘whole brain’ approach to maximize our full potential; this means largely to develop qualities that help us connect with our sensitivity, emotions and intuition when working and making decisions.  Art & Creativity For Business is a course that uses art to learn these important tools to create a healthy, positive work environment.

Being in the Moment – Mindfulness

What it would be like to be calm, centered and focused, despite what is happening on the outside? Isn’t this an essential tool for leaders, change agents and forward thinkers? Like the invention of the computer, would it help us do almost everything better? As you learn to be more in the moment you will still take action, manage situations and people, plan, anticipate reactions, innovate and lead. Don’t worry; things will go on as before — yet all these management activities become easier, less stressful and even more enjoyable when you are in the moment. You will also find that you are more creative and constructive in all of your activities.

Brain Gym

A tool that clears physical, mental, and emotional stress and positively shifts attitudes and behaviours. It consists of a set of movements, learning processes, training programs, and resource materials that support learning, living and leadership, in all aspects of life.


Business and Social Etiquette for Professionals

To provide you with that business winning edge, this Athena Alliance partner specializes in the design and delivery of practical and interactive Business & Social Etiquette Seminars that re-focus skills, behaviour and knowledge leading to greater confidence and effectiveness in all business related social interactions.


Diversity and Inclusion are values that are vital to most organizations. However, creating a culture of Diversity and Inclusion takes time, understanding and learning. Recent research suggests that the inability for organizations to capitalize on creating a diverse workforce will lead to poor business results and difficultly attracting and retaining high performers. For that reason, many organizations want to focus on Diversity but do not know where to begin. This half-day course focuses on the knowledge and skills required by all individuals to build a Diverse and Inclusive workplace.

Facilitating with Ease

Whether you’re new to facilitation or have years of experience under your belt, this workshop provides a unique opportunity to enhance your mastery of any group situation. Experience a dynamic and totally interactive learning environment.

Improve Your Memory

Being on top of your game requires easy access to important facts, figures and information in many situations.  Over-reliance on technology can lead to your memory skills being under-utilized.   Would it be useful for you to improve your memory of names, numbers and essential information?   This course provides delegates with an understanding of the natural processes of the brain and tools to help retain information.  Delegates will learn how to continue to develop their ability to learn and memorize.

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping® is a powerful visual tool that stimulates your ability to think both creatively and logically.  Mind Mapping works by first focusing on the central idea, issue or topic and then branching out to add details including inspiration, facts and thoughts.  Mind Mapping has been applied to many high-level topics such as strategic planning, engineering projects and facilitating board meetings.  The technique can be used individually or with groups of any size.  The uses for Mind Mapping are almost unlimited and include: planning, brainstorming, taking notes, gathering ideas and studying.

Project Management

Our project management programs focus on dynamics. We utilize a combination of lecturettes, case studies, activities and experiences and provide project manager participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to get better results. We work with experienced and new project managers in groups of 5-25. Programs range in duration from ½ to 3 days and are tailored to specific needs of each group and organization. Call us today to schedule an in-depth needs assessment.