Advanced eMarketing

Advanced eMarketing

In-class format: 2 days

Also available in an eLearning format

This seminar is for companies that are ready to move to the next level of eMarketing, via Web 2.0. How do you choose eMarketing vehicles and technologies to match your customer demographics? Why do some approaches – like SMS (phone text messaging) – explode in markets like Japan and the UK, while they’re slower to take off in North America?

This course is for the veteran eMarketer who wants to get a full understanding of the new directions in the industry.  Participants will complete this course with a sense of how to move their firm’s online marketing to new and more profitable heights.

Learning outcomes:

  • Analyze the powerful response behind viral marketing campaigns
  • Discover how to effectively integrate social media marketing campaigns within the traditional marketing mix
  • Recognize new trends in location-based eMarketing and mobile marketing tools
  • Choose what to measure – before and after launch – to ensure best results