eMarketing Project Management

eMarketing Project Management

In-class format: 2 days

Also available in an eLearning format

 With tight deadlines and the excitement of launching a new eMarketing campaign, many project managers want to hit the ground running.  Although enthusiasm and dedication to any project are important, careful management is key to staying on track.

This course is designed to help project managers implement best practice solutions for delivering online marketing campaigns.  From allocating resources and time management to measuring post-launch results, this course will provide steps for making your next eMarketing campaign a stunning success.

Learning outcomes:

  • Define how to measure results and create benchmarks for success
  • Recognize the eMarketing terminology you require to deal with agency partners.
  • Identify and resolve key process barriers typical to online campaigns
  • Adapt quick and easy steps for taming your timeline and keeping your project on track