Word 2010

Word 2010

Do you feel like your word processing skills are stuck in the ‘90s?

Are your documents as dynamic as you would like them to be?

Our Word 2010 training will help you bring your document-creation skills up to date, and fully exploit this popular and ever-changing software.

This course will increase your capability to create, edit and enhance your documents.  Topics covered include:

  • Recognizing the differences between older versions of Word and Word 2010
  • Identifying the best means for opening and saving documents
  • Locating the correct functions for modifying, reviewing and proofing text
  • Applying the right steps to properly format text, paragraphs and pages
  • Creating and revising lists and columns
  • Selecting commands to easily insert and manipulate graphics and image files

This seminar consists of group discussion, breakout activities, live online examples, screenshots, and printed job aids – which you may keep for future reference.

You do NOT need any technical know-how to take part in – and benefit from – these courses.

This seminar is available in two delivery formats – traditional “in-class” training or live online sessions.

Based on an audit of your learning needs, this course ranges in length from a ½ day, to one or more days.

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