Time Management with Outlook

Time Management with Outlook

Research indicates many people have dozens, HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of emails in their Inbox!

  • Some of those emails are critical for follow up resulting in the ‘Inbox’ becoming one of several to-do lists.
  • Some of those emails contain valuable information that needs to be kept.  In effect the Inbox is used as a filing cabinet.
  • Some of those emails can be deleted.
  • After having read some of the emails several times, many people still cannot decide what if, anything needs to be done, but they decide to keep it – “just in case.”  Living in the Inbox as opposed to visiting it wastes time.

 “+65 minutes per day per person is the average of all respondents in all companies”

Participants in working with Outlook start their day with:

  • An almost empty Inbox.
  • All of their to do’s in one place.
  • A plan for the day – identifying what MUST get done and what could wait if it had to.
  • A Calendar with any and all appointments showing.
  • A greater level of control.

Convert Outlook from an email engine into a Workload Management Tool as shown below!

What You Will Learn:

  • The correct and effective use of the Task Pad/To Do bar.
  • How to convert emails into tasks or appointments, allowing you to clean up the Inbox.
  • The correct and effective use of the calendar only for meetings and appointments.
  • To develop a complete information management tool for planning, recording and retrieving notes, conversations and emails and effective use of folders.  (That will sync to your Blackberry)
  • How to re-configure Outlook to start your day proactively.
  • How to establish rules to streamline your Inbox and deal with urgent vs. non-urgent emails.
  • How to organize your time, plan your day and improve your work/life balance.
  • A process to manage email.
  • To work from only ONE task list.

 This one day program runs from9:02 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  Approximately 4-6 weeks later our consultant will contact you to arrange a personal consultation to review and reinforce the program and help customize to your unique situation.

By products of the program include increased motivation and a reduction in stress, burnout and turnover.  More and more of today’s office workers are looking not just for a pay cheque, but for meaningful activity.